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suite precure op single cd cover

suite precure op single (various artists, 2011)

favorite song: hope rainbow


doki doki precure songbird cd cover

songbird (kanako miyamoto)

favorite songs: holy sword, kokoro wo komete


fleetwood mac 1975 cd cover

fleetwood mac (fleetwood mac, 1975)

favorite songs: say you love me, i'm so afraid


garnidelia kyoku ranbu cd cover

kyouki ranbu (garnidelia, 2017)

favorite songs: gokuraku jodo, tougen renka, hysteric bullet


ayumi hamasaki guilty cd cover

guilty (ayumi hamasaki, 2008)

favorite songs: together when, glitter, my all, fated


fleetwood mac rumors cd cover

rumors (fleetwood mac, 1977)

favorite songs: second hand news, never going back again, i don't wanna know


fleetwood mac tango in the night cd cover

tango in the night (fleetwood mac, 1987)

favorite songs: little lies, seven wonders


britney spears femme fatale cd cover

femme fatale (britney spears, 2011)

favorite songs: till the world ends, drop dead beautiful, trouble for me


green day american idiot cd cover

american idiot (green day, 2004)

favorite songs: american idiot


lilly allen alright still cd cover

alright, still (lily allen, 2006)

favorite songs: ldn, everything's just wonderful


twice fancy you cd cover

fancy you (twice, 2019)

favorite songs: fancy, hot


kina grannis one more in the attic cd cover

one more in the attic (kina grannis, 2006)

favorite songs: living in dreams, some days, running away


kina grannis in memory of the singing bridge cd cover

in memory of the singing bridge (kina grannis, 2006)

favorite songs: too soon, night, memory


natalia kills trouble cd cover

trouble (natalia kills, 2013)

favorite songs: saturday night, outta time, marlboro lights


natalia kills perfectionist cd cover

perfectionist (natalia kills, 2011)

favorite songs: mirrors, broke, wonderland


f(x) 4 walls cd cover

4 walls (f(x), 2015)

favorite songs: 4 walls, rude love, papi


britney spears oops i did it again cd cover

oops!...i did it again (britney spears, 2000)

favorite song: oops!...i did it again


britney spears my prerogative cd cover

greatest hits: my prerogative (britney spears, 2004)

favorite songs: toxic, everytime


lady gaga the fame cd cover

the fame (lady gaga, 2008)

favorite songs: lovegame, beautiful dirty rich, money honey, paper gangsta


the cranberries everybody else cd cover

everybody else... (the cranberries, 1993)

favorite song: dreams


the cranberries no need to argue cd cover

no need to argue (the cranberries, 1994)

favorite songs: everything i said, no need to argue, zombie


minami kuribayashi overture cd cover

overture (minami kuribayashi, 2004)

favorite songs: rumbling hearts, hoshizora no warutsu, yours


kalafina magia cd cover

magia (kalafina, 2011)

favorite songs: magia, snow falling


maaya sakamoto dive cd cover

dive (maaya sakamoto, 1998)

favorite songs: getsuyou no asa, kodoku


britney spears baby one more time cd cover

...baby one more time (britney spears, 1999)

favorite songs: ...baby one more time


katy perry teenage dream cd cover

teenage dream (katy perry, 2011)

favorite songs: e.t., the one that got away, teenage dream


madonna ray of light cd cover

ray of light (madonna, 1998)

favorite songs: ray of light, swim


2ne1 crush cd cover

to anyone (2ne1, 2010)

favorite songs: go away, clap your hands, it hurts, you and i


lady gaga the fame monster cd cover

the fame monster (lady gaga, 2009)

favorite songs: bad romance, monster, so happy i could die


madonna confessions on a dance floor cd cover

confessions on a dance floor (madonna, 2005)

favorite songs: sorry, let it will be, push


lady gaga born this way special edition cd cover

born this way special edition (lady gaga, 2011)

favorite songs: judas, the edge of glory


ayumi hamasaki startin/born to be cd cover

startin'/born to be (ayumi hamasaki, 2006)

favorite song: startin'


mika nakashima true cd cover

true (mika nakashima, 2002)

favorite songs: tears, just trust in our love


mika nakashima yes cd cover

yes (mika nakashima, 2007)

favorite songs: dance with the devil, the dividing line


mika nakashima life cd cover

life (mika nakashima, 2007)

favorite song: it's too late


rihanna loud cd cover

loud (rihanna, 2010

favorite songs: s&m, man down, love the way you lie part ii


rihanna good girl gone bad reloaded cd cover

good girl gone bad: reloaded (rihanna, 2008)

favorite songs: don't stop the music, good girl gone bad, disturbia


c-ute crazy kanzen na otona cd cover

crazy kanzen na otona (c-ute, 2013)

favorite songs: crazy kanzen na otona


c-ute adam to eve no dilemma cd cover

adam to eve no dilemma (c-ute, 2013)

favorite songs: adam to eve no dilemma


halsey badlands cd cover

badlands (halsey, 2015)

favorite songs: new americana, drive, colors, control


fall out boy from under the cork tree cd cover

from under the cork tree (fall out boy, 2005)

favorite songs: dance dance, sugar we're goin down


destiny's child the writing's on the wall cd cover

the writing's on the wall (destiny's child, 1999)

favorite songs: so good, say my name


paramore brand new eyes cd cover

brand new eyes (paramore, 2009)

favorite songs: ignorance, brick by boring brick, feeling sorry


linkin park hybrid theory cd cover

hybrid theory (linkin park, 2000)

favorite songs: points of authority, in the end, cure for the itch


britney spears in the zone cd cover

in the zone (britney spears, 2003)

favorite songs: toxic, touch of my hand, everytime


akb48 kamikyokutachi cd cover

kamikyokutachi (akb48, 2010)

favorite songs: river, 10nen zakura, iiwake maybe


beyooooonds beyooooond1st cd cover

beyooooond1st (beyooooonds, 2019)

favorite songs: atsui, we need a name, megane no otoko no ko, gannen bungee jump


gabrielle aplin light up the dark deluxe cd cover

light up the dark de (gabrielle aplin, 2015)

favorite songs: shallow love, the house we never built, you don't like dancing


nogizaka46 kizuitara kataomoi cd cover

kizuitara kataomoi re (nogizaka46, 2014)

favorite songs: kizuitara kataomoi


akb48 kimi wa melody cd cover

kimi wa melody le e (akb48, 2016)

favorite songs: mazariau mono


kotoko glass no kaze cd cover

glass no kaze (kotoko, 2005)

favorite songs: glass no kaze, free angels, 421 -a will-


gabrielle aplin acoustic cd cover

acoustic (gabrielle aplin, 2010)

favorite songs: ghosts, reverse, more than friends


twinkle hana flower cd cover

hana flower (twinkle, 2020)

favorite songs: hana flower


morning musume roman ~my dear boy~ cd cover

roman ~my dear boy~ (morning musume, 2004)

favorite songs: roman ~my dear boy~


morning musume the manpower cd cover

THE manpower!!! (morning musume, 2005)

favorite songs: THE manpower!!!


morning musume naichau kamo cd cover

naichau kamo (morning musume, 2009)

favorite songs: naichau kamo


morning musume seishun collection cd cover

seishun collection (morning musume, 2010)

favorite songs: seishun collection


morning musume help me cd cover

help me!! (morning musume, 2013)

favorite songs: help me!!


morning musume brainstorming / kimi sae ireba nani mo iranai cd cover

brainstorming / kimi sae ireba nani mo iranai(morning musume, 2013)

favorite songs: brainstorming


morning musume egao no kimi wa taiyou sa cd cover

egao no kimi wa taiyou sa / kimi no kawari wa iyashinai / what is love? (morning musume '14, 2014)

favorite songs: what is love?


morning musume kokoro karada cd cover

kokoro & karada / lovepedia / ningen kankei no way way (morning musume '20, 2020)

favorite song(s):

beyooooonds megane no otoko no ko cd cover

megane no otoko no ko / nippon no dna! / go waist (beyooooonds, 2019)

favorite song(s): megane no otoko no ko

akb48 shitsuren arigato cd cover

shitsuren, arigato (akb48, 2020)

favorite song(s): shitsuren, arigato

akb48 sustainable cd cover

sustainable (akb48, 2019)

favorite song(s): sustainable

ice creamusume 1st zui bang cd cover

1st zui bang! (ice creamusume, 2009)

favorite song(s): lian ai dengchang

no3b kirigirisu jin cd cover

kirigirisu jin (no3b, 2013)

favorite song(s): kirigirisu jin

buono rottara rottara cd cover

rottara rottara (buono!, 2008)

favorite song(s): rottara rottara

morning musume kimagure princess cd cover

kimagure princess (morning musume, 2009)

favorite song(s): kimagure princess

s/mileage ganbaranakutemo eenende cd cover

ganbaranakutemo eenende!! (s/mileage, 2010)

favorite song(s): ganbaranakutemo eenende!!

berryz kobo madayade cd cover

madayade (berryz kobo, 2008)

favorite song(s): madayade

morning musume egao no kimi wa taiyou sa cd cover

egao no kimi wa taiyou sa / kimi no kawari wa iyashinai / what is love? (morning musume '14, 2014)

favorite songs: what is love?

buono kiss kiss kiss cd cover

kiss! kiss! kiss! (buono!, 2008)

favorite song(s): kiss! kiss! kiss!

nakashima mika glamorous sky cd cover

glamorous sky (nakashima mika, 2005)

favorite song(s): glamorous sky

beyooooonds konna hazujanakatta cd cover

gekikara love / now now ningen / konna hazujanakatta! (beyooooonds, 2021)

favorite song(s): gekikara love, nnn, konna hazu, ninenmae

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