☆cd/dvd collection

cds are pretty outdated and almost obsolete these days, but they definitely do have advantages over digital/streamed content: better sound quality, physical media is more secure/safe, comes with extra stuff sometimes (like photo booklets or accessories), and many more. so i have a small collection of them! it's not much at all, but i'm hoping someday it'll be as big as my mom's absolutely massive cd collection lmao

(and yes im aware the cds arent centered, ive been trying but its not working with the hover css so itll stay grossly off center like this for now lol)

suite precure op single (various artists, 2011)

favorite song: hope rainbow

songbird (kanako miyamoto)

favorite songs: holy sword, kokoro wo komete

fleetwood mac (fleetwood mac, 1975)

favorite songs: say you love me, i'm so afraid

kyouki ranbu (garnidelia, 2017)

favorite songs: gokuraku jodo, tougen renka, hysteric bullet

guilty (ayumi hamasaki, 2008)

favorite songs: together when, glitter, my all

rumors (fleetwood mac, 1977)

favorite songs: second hand news, never going back again, i don't wanna know

tango in the night (fleetwood mac, 1987)

favorite songs: little lies, seven wonders

femme fatale (britney spears, 2011)

favorite songs: till the world ends, (drop dead) beautiful, trouble for me

american idiot (green day, 2004)

favorite songs: american idiot

alright, still (lily allen, 2006)

favorite songs: ldn, everything's just wonderful

fancy you (twice, 2019)

favorite songs: fancy, hot

one more in the attic (kina grannis, 2006)

favorite songs: living in dreams, some days, running away

in memory of the singing bridge (kina grannis, 2006)

favorite songs: too soon, night, memory

trouble (natalia kills, 2013)

favorite songs: saturday night, outta time

perfectionist (natalia kills, 2011)

favorite songs: mirrors, broke, wonderland

4 walls (f(x), 2015)

favorite songs: 4 walls, rude love, papi

oops!...i did it again (britney spears, 2000)

favorite song: oops!...i did it again

greatest hits: my prerogative (britney spears, 2004)

favorite songs: toxic, everytime

the fame (lady gaga, 2008)

favorite songs: lovegame, beautiful dirty rich, money honey, paper gangsta

everybody else... (the cranberries, 1993)

favorite song: dreams

no need to argue (the cranberries, 1994)

favorite songs: everything i said, no need to argue, zombie

overture (minami kuribayashi, 2004)

favorite songs: rumbling hearts, hoshizora no warutsu

magia (kalafina, 2011)

favorite songs: magia, snow falling

dive (maaya sakamoto, 1998)

favorite songs: getsuyou no asa, kodoku one more time (britney spears, 1999)

favorite songs: one more time

teenage dream (katy perry, 2011)

favorite songs: e.t., the one that got away

ray of light (madonna, 1998)

favorite songs: ray of light, swim

to anyone (2ne1, 2010)

favorite songs: go away, clap your hands, it hurts, you and i

the fame monster (lady gaga, 2009)

favorite songs: bad romance, monster

confessions on a dance floor (madonna, 2005)

favorite songs: sorry, let it will be, push

born this way special edition (lady gaga, 2011)

favorite songs: judas, the edge of glory

startin'/born to be (ayumi hamasaki, 2006)

favorite song: startin'