i haven't really told many people about this i only recently told like...2 people oops but i reeeeally love odottemita
videos and odorite dancers! basically, they're like utaites, but well.. they dance. yeah i forgot how i initially discovered them, but i think
it was probably through obsessively watching happy synthesizer dance covers when i was still a Baby VSynth Fan and then that slowly grew into
me watching odottemita videos like nonstop ooooops.

anyway i really love these videos, it's fun seeing how different odorites perform a dance and/or interpret it, and all the
work that goes into the videos themselves, like the editing, the setting, even what the odorite is wearing! i love them so much gfjghfgh
the sidebar has some links to specific pages where i scream about odorites i love a lot as well as a link to go back to the main site. thank you for
reading! i hope you can enjoy my obsessive screaming lol