i'm not a huge kpop fan, but i love EvoL so much!!! basically i discovered them way back in 2015. at the time i only knew the song domino game by kiss&cry (how i discovered it is a whole other story lol), and obsessively watched the dance practice of that song because i thought it was really awesome! in the recommended videos column of that video, though, was the dance practice to We are a bit different by EvoL! obviously i watched it and i LOVED THE SONG SO MUCH. it has that early 2010s pop sound (lmao obviously, it came out in 2012) and that sound is really nostalgic because i grew up with it, and it's just a bop in general. like listen to the chorus!! it sounds so amazing. anyway, that was the only song i knew from them for a long time, until recently when i decided to listen to the rest of their music since they don't have much. and it's so amazing! Get Up is a jam, the guitar in the beginning is addicting to listen to and the rap is catchy and really nice to listen to. i'm rambling, but hhhHH i just really love this group!!! it makes me sad thinking they've disbanded and there isn't anything more from them, but at least there's a lot of content out there to already enjoy i guess. below this is some information about the group, and the box to the right has youtube embeds of all of their music. give some of it a listen! after all of the music is some other EvoL related videos like dance practices and concert videos because i'm garbage lol


bias: jucy
(but i really can't decide!! i love her voice the most but i also love everyone else hhHH)

favorite songs: we are a bit different, get up, and magnet


from left to right: say, jucy, j-da, hayana, and yull!
i love this picture so much!! they all look so pretty in it, especially j-da and hayana! the outfits are really pretty too and ahhHHH

from left to right: hayana, yull, say, jucy, and j-da!
this is just a really funny photo lol, there's like no context behind it but it radiates dumb energy lmAO

from left to right: jucy, say, yull, j-da, and hayana!
i believe this is one of their original promotional photos when they first came out? they look so amazing in it!! i love their style so much, they just look so badass and pretty!!

We are a bit different

Get Up


Let Me Explode


We are a bit different LIVE PERFORMANCE


We are a bit different DANCE PRACTICE