(the text below is just the kpop page's text pasted with kpop replaced with jpop because im lazy lol)

this is a page for all of the jpop artists i like!...well, not all of them, only my favorites and then the ones that are close to being favorites but aren't for some dumb reason lol

most of my favorites have their own pages (not all of them yet because im Lazy) so i just have basic info for them here like all the other not-favorites to keep it simple


image of jpop artist chanmina


favorite songs: pain is beauty, doctor, sober, i'm a pop,
chocolate, never grow up, girls, cafe

image of jpop group garnidelia


favorite songs: gokuraku jodo, tougen renka, grnd, lamb,
hysteric bullet, speed star

favorite album(s): kyouki ranbu

full page

image of jpop artist airi suzuki

airi suzuki

favorite songs: escape, distance, story,
iin janai, perfect timing, moment, kimi no suki na hito

favorite album(s): do me a favor, escape

image of jpop artist reol


favorite songs: utena, no title, gekihaku, yoiyoi konkon, saisaki

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image of jpop girl group kalafina


oshi: keiko

favorite songs: hikari no senritsu, i have a dream, misterioso,
magia, red moon, snow falling

not favorites

image of jpop girl group bananalemon


oshi: nadia

favorite songs: girls gone wild, look at me look at me, #slaysian

image of jpop girl group buono


oshi: airi

favorite songs: co no mi chi, honto no jibun, kokoro no tamago

image of jpop girl group babymetal


oshi: none

favorite songs: doki doki morning, megitsune

image of jpop artist maaya sakamoto

maaya sakamoto

favorite songs: getsuyou no asa, kodoku, neko to inu,
yucca, clear

favorite album(s): dive

image of jpop girl group faky


oshi: lil' fang

favorite songs: suga sweet, you, candy,

image of jpop girl group °c-ute


oshi: airi

favorite songs: kanashiki heaven, love take it all,
urayanjau, yokaze no message

image of jpop girl group akb48


oshi: undecided

favorite songs: teacher teacher, position, jabaja,
give me five!, river, flying get

image of jpop artist ayumi hamasaki

ayumi hamasaki

favorite songs: fated, talkin' 2 myself, together when...,
(don't) leave me alone, startin'

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