i'm garbage for kina grannis and this page makes it really obvious o ops

kina grannis..oh my god i love her so MUCH AAHHHHH!! i remember when i was younger, my mom was playing her song living in dreams on the stereo, and i don't think i'll ever forget that, because i remember it was so nice outside (it was the summertime) and i was messing around on my computer and i loved the song so much when i heard it. i asked my mom who the singer was and it was all over after that, i've basically been obsessed since that day. i hope someday i can see her in concert, she is such a queen and i am so happy she's getting more recognition through crazy rich asians and everything!!!

one room in the attic was the first album from kina grannis i heard, as well as where living in dreams is from (thanks mom)! this album is so amazing, i could talk about it forever. most of the songs are simple acoustic guitar tracks, but the guitar combined with kina's singing and lyrics make it so amazing. my favorite song on the album is running away, but living in dreams comes really close!