k-pop girl group itzy


bias: chaeryeong

favorite songs: icy, cherry, dalla dalla, wannabe, ting ting ting,
nobody like you, that's a no no, 24hrs

favorite album(s): it'z me

k-pop girl group aespa


bias: ningning

favorite songs: black mamba

k-pop girl group blackpink


bias: dd

favorite songs: as if it's your last, stay, whistle (acoustic vers.),
don't know what to do, kick it, forever young, pretty savage,
lovesick girls, love to hate me

favorite album(s): the album

k-pop girl group twice


bias: chaeyoung

favorite songs: fancy, breakthrough, love foolish,
dance the night away, fake & true, hot, feel special,
get loud, tt

favorite album(s): feel special

k-pop band rolling quartz

rolling quartz

bias: dd

favorite songs: blaze, random, delight,
rock and roll paradise

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