this page is for my favorite k-pop music artists/groups! i have them listed on my about, but in this page each artist has their own box so i can put my favorite songs, albums, etc.

my favorite artists tend to change a lot, so expect to see big updates occasionally!


k-pop girl group itzy


bias: yeji (but i love all of them)

favorite songs: icy, cherry, dalla dalla, wannabe, ting ting ting,
you make me

k-pop girl group f(x)


bias: amber, krystal

favorite songs: rude love, dracula, butterfly, airplane,
4 walls, rum pum pum pum, gangsta boy, electric shock, pretty girl,
shadow, milk, paper heart, ending page, papi, all mine, toy

favorite album(s): 4 walls

k-pop girl group 2ne1


bias: n/a

favorite songs: scream, i don't care, go away, lonely,
hate you, falling in love, i am the best, i love you, gotta be you,
don't stop the music, come back home

favorite album(s): to anyone

k-pop girl group blackpink


bias: rosé

favorite songs: as if it's your last, stay, whistle (acoustic vers.),
don't know what to do, kick it, forever young

favorite album(s): kill this love

k-pop girl group twice


bias: chaeyoung

favorite songs: fancy, breakthrough, love foolish,
dance the night away, fake & true, hot, feel special,
get loud, tt

favorite album(s): feel special

k-pop girl group girls' generation/snsd

girls' generation (snsd)

bias: sunny

favorite songs: i got a boy, run devil run, oh!,
genie, lil' touch

k-pop solo artist sunmi


favorite songs: noir, gashina, siren, lalalay,
full moon, 24 hours

favorite album(s): warning

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