it's funny because, just like EvoL, i discovered this group because of Kiss&Cry! that group came out and disbanded really fast, but i found out about their song domino game after that, and i really loved it!!! so sometime a few months ago, i wanted to find out what their members did after. i was really happy, because my favorite member haena joined a group called MATILDA in 2016! obviously i listened to their songs, and they are sO AMAZING. like, i can't believe they're this underrated, the members all have very powerful voices and confidence, and it's really sad they still haven't had a hit or anything, even when they've been working so hard for it. nonetheless though, their songs are all BOPS. it's kind of confusing since they don't really have a theme or aesthetic or anything (like one song's a "bad girl" song, another one's a poppy summer song, another is a ballad.....), but even then i think it just shows their flexibility in multiple genres. You Bad! Don't Make Me Cry is kind of all over the place, but it definitely grows on you, it's such a bop. and SUMMER AGAIN is such a fun and calming song to listen to, with the guitar in the beginning that switches to a fast beat. and Between Fall and Winter really shows off the vocal talents of the group, like WOW. believe me, these girls can S I N G. anyway, there's some videos in the right side box from them, which includes music videos, dance practices, live performances, and even covers! keep scrolling here to see some information on the group!


bias: haena
(it's really close though, because i love the other members so much too!!! why am i like this hhHHH)

favorite songs: all of them!


from left to right: saebyeol, haena, dan-a, and semmi!
they all look so pretty in this picture, i think it's a promotional picture for between fall and winter? i'm not exactly sure, but they still look really good in it lol

from left to right: saebyeol, dan-a, haena, and semmi (though i might be wrong!)
this is a really cute picture! it looks like a promo for summer again, though that's just a guess.

from left to right: semmi, haena, dan-a, and saebyeol!
obviously it's a promo for you bad! don't make me cry, and they all look amazing in it!!! the lighting is really good and their outfits look AMAZING, and they look really confident.

You Bad! Don't Make Me Cry



Between Fall and Winter

You Bad! Don't Make Me Cry DANCE PRACTICE

You Bad! Don't Make Me Cry PERFORMANCE




Garden Balsam Feelings MATILDA COVER