hey hey hey it's cringy nostalgia time

welcome to my sad nostalgia corner! (well not really sad but 'nostalgia' by itself's a boring name)
basically in this section you can read about stuff that's nostalgic to me and related to the internet!

this includes some stuff about windows xp and 7 (mostly 7 since that's what's most nostalgic to me), as well
as my past with fantage! (that page is gonna be f u n to write.....lmao I have a lot to say about fantage)

and yes, this page looks completely different than the rest of my site lol. i've been browsing old geocities/personal
sites through the wayback machine (as well as some survivors that aren't updated anymore but still online) and I see
this common style of a "layout" kinda thing w an iframe inside? it's pretty cool so I wanted to give it a try here!
I think it looks alright, might fuck around with it in the future though lol

thank you for visiting! this is a very obvious work in progress, hopefully I'll finish this someday oop
oh and lastly, if you found this through the neocities updates, good job! you found a secret page >:)