i don't even know where to start omg,,,,,penta is my favorite odorite ever, she is AMAZING AAAAAA
her movements almost always match the song she is dancing to, if it's a soft and gentler but upbeat song
(like patchwork staccato), a fast paced rock song (donut hole), and even a more explicit song (cherry hunt), she
always fucking kills it. she also puts a lot of work into the videos themselves! the settings she chooses generally
fit the song and what it's about, and the same can go for how she dresses for the videos, commonly dressing in a
lolita style but not restricted to it. OH MY GOD AND HER ORIGINAL CHOREOGRAPHIES!! they always work so well for the
song, following the rhythm (unlike other choreographies for certain songs, which sometimes use slower, relaxed movements
in faster songs if that makes sense) being fun to watch. anyway, penta is my lord and savior and queen, i love her so much
and you should too thank you for coming to my ted talk

youtube channel

favorite dances:


i love this choreography so much, oml i can't even begin to describe it. at first i didn't really like it because it felt
slow in comparison to the song, but as i kept watching i grew to love it. the movements match the song very well, not being
unnecessarily fast or slow. also, the movements are fluid and connect to each other, it doesn't feel really disconnected
and it DEFINITELY isn't boring to watch. the setting chosen for the background is very vibrant too, and emphasizes penta's
dancing a lot, which is always amazing. aLSO SHE'S DANCING IN THE RAIN ON WET GROUND. I'M STILL AMAZED SHE DIDN'T SLIP

patchwork staccato

this cover is always fun to watch tbh. penta's movements are more loose and relaxed, yet still match the upbeat song and its
more bittersweet lyrics. the colors from what i assume comes from the setting are also pretty, adding to the atmosphere of the
video and overall making it great to watch. i don't have much to say for this cover because it's really something you have to see to
like it or not, i recommend you watch it!


EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS VIDEO IS ABSOLUTE PERFECTION. there is a more playful feeling added to this specific dance
choreography, but it still maintains the general creepiness it has in the first place. in addition, penta's movements are sharper and stronger,
in contrast with her patchwork staccato cover described above, which shows her versatility. it's also why i really love this cover!! her
dancing fits the song amazingly. as for the rest of the video, the choice of setting obviously fits the song, being an amusement
park/fair/whatever, and the song...well it's called carnival and mentions carnivals a lot, duh. it is very colorful and radiant, emphasizing
penta's dancing in the same way [a]ddiction does. overall it's really an enjoyable video!!