here are some playlists i've made! they're all on spotify, but if you don't want to use that
you can also look up the songs on youtube or elsewhere :) happy listening!

some time ago my sister and i watched a video that showed a bunch of old early 2000s/2010s songs which
made us super nostalgic, so i decided to throw this playlist together of every song that is nostalgic to
the both of us. if you're around the same age as me, these songs are gonna hit HARD

i was feeling edgy one day so i made a fanmix playlist thing for my second favorite character, yukio okumura!
these are basically a bunch of songs that make me think of him, so mostly depressing songs JGFGBHGTGH
there's also a LOT of kina grannis here because i am Biased and a lot of her songs remind me of yukio lol

summer always makes me feel nostalgic and aesthetic-y and cheesy and whatever, and i'm succumbing to a kpop
fate i never wanted so i compiled some kpop summer bops! these are really calming and fun, it's a mix of
happy summer anthems and more acoustic-y campfire songs, as well as some pure fun summer dance songs! there's
a lot to choose from lol

this is my general kpop playlist, where i put every kpop song i like! they're all bops

i had a weird idea to make a playlist of 3 things from 2ne1 and blackpink: their debut song, their biggest hit
(so far for blackpink at least), and an acoustic song from both of them i really like. it's dumb but i had fun making
the cover art and it's fun to listen to so /shrug