this page is for my favorite western music artists! i have them listed on my about, but in this page each artist has their own box so i can put my favorite songs, albums, etc.

my favorite artists tend to change a lot, so expect to see big updates occasionally!

image of english artist kina grannis

kina grannis

favorite songs: living in dreams, running away, walk on,
too soon, night, this far, some days, dear river, the fire, little worrier,
throw it away, in your arms, delicate

favorite album(s): one more in the attic, in memory of the singing bridge, elements

image of english artist gabrielle aplin

gabrielle aplin

favorite songs: ghosts, reverse, liar and the lighter, mountains,
more than friends, miss you, skeleton, shallow love, don't break your heart on me,
this side of the moon, you don't like dancing, please don't say you love me,
panic cord, coming home, the house we never built, salvation, start of time

favorite album(s): acoustic, light up the dark

normani in the music video for her song motivation


favorite songs: motivation, diamonds

image of english artist natalia kills

natalia kills

favorite songs: mirrors, wonderland, broke, saturday night,
rabbit hole, outta time, marlboro lights, controversy

favorite album(s): trouble

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