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(the text below is just the kpop page's text pasted with kpop replaced with english (and some additions) because im lazy lol)

this is a page for all of the english artists i like!...well, not all of them, only my favorites and then the ones that are close to being favorites but aren't for some dumb reason lol

most of my favorites have their own pages (not all of them yet because im Lazy) so i just have basic info for them here like all the other not-favorites to keep it simple. also there's some covers included as favorite songs because...well because the covers are favorites of mine, lmao


image of english artist kina grannis

kina grannis

favorite songs: living in dreams, running away, walk on,
too soon, night, this far, some days, dear river, the fire, little worrier,
throw it away, in your arms, delicate

favorite album(s): one more in the attic, in memory of the singing bridge

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image of english artist gabrielle aplin

gabrielle aplin

favorite songs: ghosts, reverse, liar and the lighter, mountains,
more than friends, miss you, skeleton, shallow love, don't break your heart on me,
this side of the moon, you don't like dancing, please don't say you love me,
panic cord, coming home, the house we never built, salvation, start of time

favorite album(s): acoustic, light up the dark

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image of english band fleetwood mac

fleetwood mac

favorite songs: rhiannon, say you love me, landslide, second hand news,
never going back again, i don't wanna know, little lies, say you will

favorite album(s): rumors

image of english artist slayyyter


favorite songs: mine, alone, candy, hello kitty,
cha ching, dial tone (slayyyter's in it so it counts), ur man,
devil, touch my body, platform shoes, i'm high, everytime

favorite album(s): slayyyter (2019)

image of english artist ukuletea


favorite songs: coffee cup, downpour, dreamcatcher, smile,
look what you made me do, lemon boy, peace sign, here comes the sun,
make believe

image of english artist natalia kills

natalia kills

favorite songs: mirrors, wonderland, broke, saturday night,
rabbit hole, outta time, marlboro lights, controversy

favorite album(s): perfectionist, trouble

not favorites

image of english artist britney spears

britney spears

favorite songs: till the world ends, hold it against me, i wanna go,
(drop dead) beautiful, trouble for me, trip to your heart, if u seek amy,
blur, unusual you, circus, toxic, ...baby one more time, everytime

favorite album(s): femme fatale

image of a pink fuzzy bible, used as a placeholder for ayesha erotica

ayesha erotica

favorite songs: vacation bible school, girl next door, excite me,
begging for it, i will, streets in la, underage,
we can do it!, star, nasty

image of english artist amber liu

amber liu

favorite songs: countdown, right now, get over it,
high hopes, closed doors, beautiful, borders, shake that brass
lost at sea

favorite albums: rogue rouge, beautiful

image of english artist lady gaga

lady gaga

favorite songs: monster, judas, bad romance,
poker face, lovegame, money honey, beautiful dirty rich,
paper gangsta, telephone

favorite albums: the fame, the fame monster

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