riyoko acknowledges her strengths and limits as a robot, but often enjoys
building on what she's good at. she is usually very hyper and excitable, always
enjoying when something is happening and hating quiet and stillness (unlike meiro).
also, she is always ready to explore, wanting to see what the world has to offer and
blind to its problems. despite this though, she has an irrational hatred of water,
even if she's completely waterproof. additionally, she hates being controlled and limited.
she has a strong love of melodica, and can be heard almost constantly tooting it around the
house (to min'yo and meiro's annoyance).

even with her unique circumstances, riyoko still attends school as a 5th grade
student. she has a few friends who are fascinated with her robotic features, and
riyoko loves hanging out with them. as a robot however, she has to be checked on
frequently by min'yo for any problems, as well as going to meet their parents for
check ups and small repairs. she also always has to be careful with any usb devices,
as there is a chance any one of them could be a usb killer and end up frying her
system, putting her out of commission for a long time.

riyoko deeply loves her sisters, even if she sometimes feels inferior as a robot.
she loves it when min'yo plays with her tech, always considering it as an adventure
when min'yo tests new features. riyoko also loves spending time with meiro, and is
always begging her to take her somewhere new.

basic information:

name: riyoko
species: robot/android
gender: female
sexuality: n/a
pronouns: she/her
age: 10
alignment: chaotic evil
birthday: june 3
race: n/a (appears asian)
ethnicity: n/a

physical appearance:

height: 4'7"
weight: idk yet
skin color: pale
hair color: light pink
hair type: wavy, waist-length, bangs
eye color: yellow


likes: doing her hobbies, chaos, lolita fashion,
donuts, sanrio, attention, cats, exploring

dislikes: water (despite being waterproof), being told
what to do, quietness, usb killers

personality traits: determined, hyper, inconsiderate,
immature, candid, clever

hobbies: playing melodica, making memes, playing pranks
on people, cleaning (its very contradictory), exploring new
areas (with supervision)