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yahagi moeka was a member of akb48's team K, and is currently 18 years old. she joined akb48 in 2017 in the draft 3rd gen, and was promoted to team K in 2018. she achieved her first center position in 2018 in the b-side "saikyou twintail", and achieved her first solo a-side center position a year later in "sustainable". however, due to a scandal (and other reasons), she announced her graduation only a few months later, and officially graduated from akb48 in february 2020.

as much as people like to make fun of how her time in akb48 was like 2 seconds, moeka's story is really sad. aks saw an ace in her and fast tracked her to center, pushing her so hard people got sick of it fast and wanted her out, and tiring her in the process, and it all culminated in a dating scandal happening. i guess that scandal was a good thing in the long term since it gave her an out that she probably wanted, but i'm honestly just sad. i'm sure if she wasn't pushed so hard she'd still be in akb48 >_> srsly they wasted her talent as an idol, a singer, and a personality. the girl is super cute and could sing her ass off, and was honestly the perfect idol. but aks was so desperate for an ace they pushed her too hard and now she's gone :( i miss her so much, she was one of my first akb48 faves and it was such a shock when she announced graduation just months after i found her. i hope she returns to the public eye someday even if not as an idol.

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