unjo hirona

unjo hirona's 2019 hkt48 profile picture

unjo hirona is a member of hkt48's team KIV, and is currently 22 years old. she first applied for akb48's team 8 but failed the auditions; however, she joined hkt48 in 2017 with the 4th generation. in 2017, she and aramaki misaki won the 8th akb48 janken tournament, and debuted as fairy w!nk. later in 2020, she achieved her first solo a-side center position in "3-2".

to be honest i'm not really into the other 48g groups besides akb48. it's just too much to keep up with imo, though i do listen to some non-akb 48g singles. however, i decided to check out hkt48's then-new single 3-2 in early 2020 since not much was happening release wise (akb48's shitsuren arigato notwithstanding), and i immediately fell in love with both the song and its center, who was nappi! nappi is just so cute, i love her energy despite her shyness and how she does her best anyway. she was awesome in 3-2 and i'm hoping to see her more in future hkt48 (and maybe akb48???) singles.

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