oguri yui

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oguri yui (yuiyui) is a member of akb48's team 8 and team A (since 2014 and 2017 respectively), and is currently 18 years old. she joined akb48 in 2014 as an original team 8 member, and was given a concurrent position in team A in 2017. she achieved her first center position in 2016 in the b-side "happy end", and centered three more b-sides until she achieved her first solo a-side center position in "teacher teacher".

though she isn't my kamioshi, yuiyui was actually the first akb48 girl i ever noticed, with teacher teacher being the first song i listened to and watched the mv for. she immediately stood out to me as the center, and became one of my favorite akb girls along with naachan and moeka. she's so sweet and kind, but also has this fancy princess-y vibe to her (is it just me??) which is so cute. and her stage presence is soooo good and honestly underappreciated, like she's awkward and clumsy off stage but once she's on there it's like she flips *_* but anyway, i love yuiyui a lot hehe

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