yamauchi mizuki

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yamauchi mizuki (zukky) is a member of akb48's team 4 (since 2016), and is currently 19 years old. she joined akb48 in 2016 as a kenkyuusei, and debuted ni team 4 in 2017. later that year, she achieved her first wcenter position in the b-side "dakitsukouka?" with asai nanami, and in 2018 she solo centered her first b-side, team 4's "neko allergy". in 2019, she wcentered the b-side "monica, yoake da" with nmb48's umeyama cocona, and in 2020 she achieved her first solo a-side center position in "shitsuren, arigato".

as i mentioned on the home page, zukky is my akb48 kamioshi!!!! i love her so much, she's adorable and kinda awkward but also confident and kinda just does her own thing. she's basically yuunaa (murayama yuiri + okada nana)'s daughter too and their dynamic is so cute, they even did a magazine shoot together and it made me so happy!! oh and also zukky's a really good dancer!! she hasn't really gotten a chance to show it off in singles (except in monica yoake da kinda of?) so i hope she gets to center more dance heavy singles (....uza 2.0??? zukky center???? i would actually cry)

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