shen mengyao

gif icon of smy in the mv for twinkle twinkle

shen mengyao (smy) is a member of snh48. she joined snh48 as a trainee in 2015, and was promoted to team hii shortly after as a member of the 5th generation. she was given her first center position in 2018 in the b-side "twinkle twinkle," and ranked #4 in the 2020 senbatsu election.

i discovered shen mengyao in late 2019. i was just getting into akb48, and knew that their original chinese sister group had broken off a few years prior, which made me interested in them. i was watching stage performances to get to know the girls, and smy stood out to me instantly. her smile was so big, and she looked like she was having so much fun performing, and i really loved that about her! at some point she ended up becoming my snh48 kamioshi, but as that happened, i kind of lost interest in snh48 as a whole. i still loved her, but i didn't have much interest in the group, so i didn't keep up with her for a long while until summer 2020. some of my friends were getting into snh48, and that got me interested in them again, and i realized i forgot how much i love smy! so now i keep up with her again lol. not only is she a great performer, she's super kind and confident, and i really admire that <3

favorite performance

silent tango (with qi yuzhu)


mirror selfie of smy holding her cat smy after a performance, she's dressed like a prince and kneeling while holding a rose same as the last but she's posing slightly different selfie of smy holding her cat smy wearing a fluffy donald duck onesie and holding her cat same as before but the onesie hoodie is down and she's holding both her cats while smiling widely selfie of smy, the angle is tlted and she's just posing same as the last but she has her eyes closed and she's smiling cutely selfie of smy posing, she's wearing an eyepatch smy on stage during an mc holding her mic and smiling same as before but at a different angle and she's smiling bigger smy sitting at a table smiling cutely while holding a knife and a fork up smy sitting in a suitcase on her phone same as before but zoomed in closer and she's laughing at something on her phone

background credit: fool lovers