february 22, 2019:

melodicake.neocities.org is born.

index.html, nav.html, and updates.html are created and edited.

the guestbook is created and added to nav.html.

february 23, 2019:

utau.html, art.html, and links.html are created and edited.

february 25, 2019:

about.html and tou.html are created and edited.

march 10, 2019:

main.html is edited (remove welcome text, add cat pictures).
all other pages are edited to remove header text.

march 11, 2019:

home.html is created and edited (moved index.html content to home.html). index.html is
overhauled to make a landing page. a favicon and scrolling title are added.

march 19, 2019:

recipes.html, muggymacncheese.html, verycheesypasta.html and
recipes.css are created and edited.

march 20, 2019:

the hit counter is moved from home.html to nav.html, while the guestbook and
updates.html are moved to home.html.

march 26, 2019:

i made a lot of pages on this day so i'll just list them below instead of the usual format:


were all created and edited.

april 14 2019:

nav.html is updated (added more buttons, seasonal section).
scrollbars and frame resizing are removed/hidden.
(also it's a little obvious but there hasn't been a written update in a while, i've been making various
small updates to the site that don't really warrant being written here (and i'm lazy) so i guess i'll only
be putting the big updates here)

april 15 2019:

main font changed from times new roman to MS gothic
(i really like that font)

music.html, sandbox.html, sandbox2.html and sandbox.css are created and edited.