YOYOYO i really love animal crossing so i made an entire page for it
i'm a huge poser actually since i've only played acnl but shhhhh we don't talk about that
anyway the other reason this page was made is because another neocities user (i unfortunately
forgot who and cannot find them hhhh) linked to an old dobutsu no mori site on nintendo's
servers with a lot of old graphics! as a result of that a lot of the gifs and images etc here
are from there! there's also other stuff but this page is mostly full of stuff from that site lol
you can find it here btw, please check it out! it's really ancient but wholesome ghfjdfghb
anyway enjoy my bs ac shrine!

my history with ac:

i don't have much to say but uhhh i'll do my best?
so basically around 3 years ago i got really interested in acnl. like, i found
out about it online, read/watched some stuff about it, and i was OBSESSED.
at that point i just really wanted to play it, and eventually i got it as a
christmas gift! for the next like....probably 6-8 months, i played it constantly.
i think at that time i was playing it almost every day (i eventually stopped because...
well, priorities, but ehhh), i was really crazy about it lol. finally, after those months of
endless playing and obsessing, my excitement for the game eventually died down and i didn't
play it as much. now, a few years later, i definitely don't play it as much, but i still
deeply love acnl!!! my dream is to be able to play the other games in the series. wild world
and city folk are most accessible to me right now since i have a ds lite and a wii, but i really
hope i can play the original gamecube (and maybe n64) games someday! i love the aesthetic in the older
games a lot, so it's a dream of mine lol. but at the moment, i only have acnl (but i love it)

history of whistler:

whistler is my town in acnl! i love it a lot hhhh
it's had a bit of a weird history though, so i'll try and do my best explaining it!
so originally, my town started out as ivybrook. i think i got the town name
from an online generator, but rather quickly (probably a few days) after making it my town
name, i....really didn't like it LOL. it just felt really generic and boring to me! this
wouldn't be fixed till some time later, but i'm getting to that.

anyway, so my town was ivybrook at this time. i don't remember exactly my original villagers,
but i believe they were eloise, punchy, ribbot, ken, and celia. i wish i had more information about
whistler when it was ivybrook in the beginning, but beyond old images saved to my sd card (which i
might someday add here if i can get them onto my computer!), there really isn't much :( from my memory though,
i recall wanting it to be like one of those bright heavily-pink kawaii-themed towns. after unlocking the QR
machine, i got a bunch of paths and cute dresses for my character, and even made my character's hair pink!
(by the way, my character's name is kat, so i'll be referring to her as that onward). very quickly i abandoned
this idea, mostly because it was very constricting (as much as i like the color, i didn't want EVERYTHING
to be pink and colorful in my town lol) and just...well, boring. so i changed everything back to normal
as much as i could, and left it mostly with natural colors (also i never really finished the paths thing,
so i just got rid of them all). i much preferred it this way, but another thing bothering me were my villagers.

at some stupid point in time, i wanted to see what it would be like time travelling one year into the future.
anyone who has time travelled in acnl (or maybe ac in general?) probably knows this rEALLY is not a good idea!!
but i did it anyway, and ended up with a weed-filled town, angry villagers, and speaking of villagers, one was missing:
eloise! at the time, she was my favorite villager, so i was really sad to see her go :( when i travelled back,
i spent time cleaning up my own mess, but it left me really disliking most of my villagers (i can't remember
who else moved in besides the original 5 then, but i didn't like them lol. the only ones i did like were punchy,
ribbot, and eloise). during this time, my friend showed me how to hack my 3ds. and i'm really glad he showed me,
because i'm sure if i never did hack, i would've lost a lot more interest in the game! anyway, so i hacked my 3ds and
eventually looked up how to hack acnl. after learning how to use the save editor, i went nuts. i didn't change the name until later,
but i made ken and celia move out (as well as the other villagers i had that i can't remember), and in their place added
merengue, marina, and a few others (but i also changed them later probably). also, i added a few public works projects, most
notably the roost among others. there were also small changes, but they weren't that significant.

alright this is getting long so i'm gonna wrap it up so i can get to the cool stuff down below lol. i'm tired of typing so muCH
as time went on, ivybrook became whistler, new residents joined (lynn and kai! lynn had a different name and kai was a different
character in general at first but i don't remember them so i pretend those didn't happen oops), and villagers changed. in its
current iteration, whistler currently has bob, molly, penelope, ribbot, ruby, marina, henry, axel, merengue, and paula as villagers living
in the town. and i love them all, paula especially!!! ruby was added with a QR card that i own, bob, marina, ribbot and merengue were added
through hacks, and molly, henry, axel, paula, and penelope arrived through the game. they are all so nice, some of them may not
be as wildly loved as others please love paula more i beg of you she is a BEAN, but they are all loved equally by me lol
thank you for reading these giant paragraphs!! there's already a lot so i had to omit some stuff (such as more info on residents and maybe
some other history), but i think what's here is sufficient. below the divider is some pretty rad stuff about my town, such as a map,
villager sprites, and more!

whistler's map:

coming soon!

whistler's current villagers:

whistler's former villagers:

(not pictured: marty, etoile)
...(i didn't realize there were so many until i was adding the sprites here, how did this HAPPEN)

whistler's current residents:

coming soon!

whistler's current mayor:

coming soon!