☆melo v2

hello there, and welcome to my website! i'm melodicake, also known as twinklehana, and i use she/her pronouns OR they/them pronouns. if you know me though, you can just call me melo, hana, or kat (my real life nickname).

despite having other sites with similar purposes, i decided to create this site after being inspired by my good friend azazel. after she finished her neocities site, i wanted to try my hand at making one! unfortunately (obviously) my html and css skills are....mediocre at best, but i'm trying my hardest here.

this site's intended purpose is to be a space for my art, music, links, and more, as well as general information about myself. i don't have any ideas for other stuff to add to the site at the moment, but if i think of something i want to add it might happen!

anyway, thank you for visiting and reading! small graphics and other cool stuff i've found are down below under the divider. if you want to find links to other sites, take a look at the nav bar on the top! there are links and buttons to sites i think are cool on the links page, so please check it out! also, be sure to check out the other pages i have there too, such as my about, freebies, and more! again, thank you for visiting! enjoy your time here :')

site created february 22 2019
last updated september 8 2019

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