kpop pixel gifs

so basically, i've found these pixel (usually chibi) gifs of kpop stars from different groups. if you know kpop terminology, they're all 2nd generation, since they're all of groups from that time (and i doubt any of these were made after like 2010). i first found them on tumblr pixel blogs, but then i found more and more searching through reverse search engines and finding old blogs and forums and whatever. they're really difficult to find, and i'm still looking for the sources for them, but just so others can find them a little easier, i've decided to upload all of the ones i have here. don't credit me if you use them!! it'd be appreciated if u could link here so others could find the gifs, but that's entirely optional lol. if i ever find the source, i'll be sure to update here with that information. hover over an image to see who the kpop star is (idk if it's entirely correct, usually i go based on filenames or whatever).

(p.s., i know there aren't any boy group pixels, but there's actually a lot i've seen. i haven't downloaded any purely because i have no clue how to sort them since i'm a gg stan, but they'll appear here soon dw lol)



kissing you






can't nobody

don't cry

please don't go



hit your heart (huh)

wonder girls

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