here's all the pages on my site! this is basically an easy way to find each page, as well as a place to host each page that doesn't fit into the main nav bar, as well as the second one on the main page (which doesn't appear on any other page lol). happy browsing! there's a lot here lol

index landing page
about me
my artwork
my recipes
random crap i like
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my sitemap (here!)

my site to-do list
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my fanfiction archive
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fake myspace page

these are the pages which are portals, basically they serve as landing pages to link to other pages.

music portal
kina grannis page
gabrielle aplin page
evol page
matilda page
blackpink page
sulli shrine

utau portal
my utau covers
my utau min'yo
my utau meiro
my utau riyoko
my utau terms of usage

collections portal
my dvd/cd/bluray collection

animal crossing shrine
ao no exorcist shrine

stan list