uhhh i don't cook/bake often but there's some stuff i make?- idk, try these at your own risk. good luck though! i don't bake/cook on a daily basis or anything though, these are just foods i make regularly and they have a page because this site needs content. the recipes are down below!

microwave mac n cheese in a mug
pasta but it has a lot of cheese

also known as: muggy mac n cheese

there's a lot of recipes for this online, when i found out this was a thing i reeeeally wanted to try it but a lot of them needed ingredients like "flour" and "cornstarch" (fancy ingredients which do not exist in my single braincell brain) so i threw these ingredients into a mug and hoped for the best. it actually turned out pretty good and now i eat it like every week oops

1/2 cup elbow pasta (every time i try it with another type it doesn't come out right)

1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese (mild is best? idk the smaller shredded cheese is annoying)

1/2 cup water (tap water or bottled water is good, why waste the bottled water tho)

a mug (i mean yeah. make sure it's not like, really small, it needs to be a little wide for the pasta)

a fork (or a spoon. but who eats pasta with a SPOON. stab that hard wheat)

a not-paper plate (needs to be like... a plate... so the water that spills out goes somewhere)

a microwave ('s microwave mac and cheese, lol)

1) fill the mug with the pasta, if you're eyeballing it like i usually do just pour in half

2) pour in the water, should be the same amount as the pasta (or just a little bit above the pasta)

3) stir with the fork, i usually use the bottom so the fork doesn't stab the pasta

4) put in the plate and the mug on top (to catch the water that spills out), cook for a minute

5) take it out once it's ready, stir a little bit, then put back in for another minute

6) again, take it out and stir, except this time put it in for 30 seconds (also if there's a lot of water on the plate pour it out)

7) take it out, stir, 30 seconds yeah u got it

8) sometimes it's ready by this time, but usually i put it in for another 30 seconds to make it softer. it's your choice lol

9) should be done by now (unless you have a weak microwave, in that case keep doing 30 secs till its good), take it out

10) take the cheddar cheese and just. Dump It All Into The Mug. now stir a lot till most of it's melted and the pasta is yellow

11) obligatory "enjoy your food" step, but yeah enjoy!!

as said before i don't measure this anymore, i just eyeball everything at this point and hope for the best. really it isn't too difficult to pour in the pasta and water halfway, as for the cheese i just take a handful out of the bag and dump it in then stir a lot. i'd say measure it the first few times you do it though to get used to the amounts the ingredients require (unless you're mad good at eyeballing measurements, cool skill)

also the amount of ingredients and stuff makes it look a little long but trust me this takes me like 5 minutes to make, it goes by really fast (at least for me now but i'm used to it)

oh and lastly if you're worried about the water boiling over (it looks scary yeah) don't worry that happens, the plate's there to get all the water that spills out lol. it's all good

also known as: very unhealthy cheesy pasta

usually i make this with ziti because i have a Problem with the amount of ziti i consume but it works with any type of pasta (or at least it should). also as evident in the name i have chosen for this recipe this is probably extremely unhealthy. welp.

ziti pasta (or any other type, i usually put about half the size of the pan in but i don't have the measurement for that so eyeball it to the best of your ability. sORRY)

ricotta cheese (there isn't anything to eyeball here it's just a few spoonfuls of it)

1/2 cup water (tap water or bottled water is good, why waste the bottled water tho)

parmesan cheese (optional) (it adds more flavor so i dump a crack load in but it's optional if u don't like it)

water ( boil. yeah same thing with the pasta, but i put a little more than half of the size of the pot in)

a pot (i usually use a saucepan, what i say is based on that so be careful if you're using a bigger pan)

1) fill the pot with water, turn on stove and wait till it boils

2) once it's boiling pour in the pasta, let it cook and keep checking in to stir

3) drain the water once it's done (either with a strainer or a lazy method, usually i just cover the pot with the lid but leave a small opening and tip it over the sink to let the water drain out. yeah i usually don't want to wash the strainer so this is a common occurance)

4) put pot back on stove (and pasta back in pot duh), then scoop in 1-3 spoonfuls (or a fork/knife-ful, they work too) of ricotta cheese in

5) stir fast, make sure the cheese melts and covers all of the pasta

6) alright you're pretty much done here, most of the time when i have it i'll dump an ass load of parmesan in

7) eNJOY

i don't have measurements for this recipe because i've...never really measured for it before? idk, my mom just kinda showed me how much pasta/water/etc to put in when making pasta so i never learned. if you really doneed measurements, this is pretty much applicable to any average pasta recipe, just change all the other ingredients besides the pasta and water to the ricotta/parmesan/etc yeah

the reason why i call this unhealthy is because.. well i don't know, isn't the amount of ricotta put in this bad? whatever, any other name or title would be boring so this is staying