here are my utaus! at the moment they don't have artwork, but there are links in the sidebar to download them, as well as embedded soundcloud links to listen to how they sound. currently, there are no plans for actual VOICEbanks (as they are instrument utaus), but they might be given voices in the future. in addition, before downloading, please make sure you read the terms of use!!! it is required to read it before use. thank you!


i need something to put on this page because Content so have some history on me as an utau user, as well as some information about my utaus, their characters and general history as..well, utau banks. i discovered utau around the same time i discovered vocaloid, of course, which was about 4-5 years ago in 2014-15 (i'm not sure exactly, it WAS around that time but i can't remember which. probably late 2014). i downloaded it like a year later though, and started using the program in 2016. i had no idea what i was doing, lol. i did the average download-ust-plug-in-popular-utau-render-and-slap-into-audacity-with-instrumental type covers and didn't really do much past that.

then, though, i discovered instrument utaus. now, i wanted to make my own voice utau like most other utau users usually do, but i've never really gotten around to it since i only have my laptop mic (well, kind of a lie, i have a mic but it's garbage and i lost it so eh). anyway, so i discovered instrument utaus. i think i heard mougeki mero first? i'm not sure, but i loved the idea, so i thought of making a flute utau. but i don't play flute. oh well. i tried it anyway, and pulled it off by downloading a free to use sample of a flute playing a long C note (i believe?) and put it into utau. it was garbage. i rendered a hirari hirari cover with it, and i still have the file for that actually, but i don't know if i wanna link it here because it's really garbage lmfao. it didn't even sound like a flute! so after this, i didn't really do much else with the bank, besides some half finished covers. but i wanted to make a better quality bank, so i set out to find... well, a better quality sample. and i found one! after some editing (and i actually oto'd it this time lmfao), i made what is now min'yo's current bank. i mean, it still sucks, but it's there i guess. i've been making some test banks with other flute samples to see how they sound, but usually they sound the same as the current bank so i don't do a lot with those.

as for my other banks, well... uh. ok. so basically, meiro and riyoko have had some instrument switching...a lot. meiro's original first instrument was a tambourine, but then i started playing melodica, so i changed it to a melodica. of course, that bank never really came to fruition, mostly because i don't have a way to record my melodica at the moment (and i'd rather record my melodica than use other people's samples), so it's dead in the water for now. riyoko's first instrument was a xylophone, which had two completed banks, but they were garbage and i don't think i have the files for them anymore so rip. then i changed it to a ukulele, which... well, i thought it'd be a good idea to use only one sample for a stringed instrument, which resulted in the bank sounding like a sad fusion of a guitar and ukulele. i've switched meiro and riyoko's instruments (meiro with the uke and riyoko with the melodica), but mostly because of their oc characters that currently..don't exist. uhh,, that-

i actually have characters for each of these banks (thats why they have odd names and female pronouns), but i don't have anything about them here because they don't have art. i mean, i could just go ahead and write about them without art (which i probably will sometime soon), but i always hold off on it because it feels weird to me to make characters without art. they technically DO have designs that i've drawn, but i don't feel confident in my abilities to actually use them as official art, so they just kinda...sit on the paper and aren't shown anywhere beyond within my friend group circles. i'm probably going to commission a friend soon to get them art though, so...lets hope i actually go through with that claim lol

thank you for reading this large block of text! i have a tendency to overshare oop, congrats on getting through it all!