☆fic archive

i've written some fanfiction, and even though they're not very good i've had fun with them, so i have them all archived on my computer as a backup if something happens to AO3. however, if something happens to my computer AND AO3, i'd like to have them on my site too as a backup-backup. if you also want to read my fics offline (though i don't know why you would want to, unless it's for a similar reason of archival like i have for archiving the fics i read) though, you can download them as well. backup and archive my fics anywhere if you want, the only thing i ask is that you don't edit them!

if you need a mirror download, hmu on my neocities profile or anywhere on my links page. i only have the fics in PDF format, sorry :(

The Exorcist's (Discord) Hell
The More You Know
Midoriya's Discord Server from Hell, Heaven, and Everything Else
A Night of "Gaymes"