here are some links to other sites i have accounts on, as well as links to sites i like! if you want to link to my site, there's a button after my account links. thank you hgjfkgbhif

if you want to talk to me through discord, please send me a message on any of these sites and ask for my id!

these are most if not all of the sites i have accounts on, sorted by their username! there are some missing, but i'll probably get around to adding them......s o o n

escargot/msn email
neocities profile


(i can't change my name)

beware: mailto links open mail programs! they slow my computer so if that happens to u don't click ghfjgh (main email) (backup email)

if you want to link to my site, here's some buttons! the codes below includes the image and a link on the image to my site. i don't know if i'm going to make any more buttons, but if i'm bored sometime (or grow dissatisfied with these), i might make more. oh btw i don't really mind if you hotlink, do whatever lol

below are links to other sites i think are cool. enjoy browsing through them!

foobar2000 wiby mangaupdates (utau tutorial guide website) empty movement (revolutionary girl utena fan site) iloveayu (ayumi hamasaki fan site)

cameron's world
tokimeki unfollow