tiny kawaii gingerbread manchristmas themed rilakkuma pixel sprite MELODICAKE christmas themed rilakkuma pixel spritetiny kawaii christmas tree

a yamazaki mei (from morning musume) gif icon i made for my dreamwidth journal

hi, i'm melo! my interests are kinda all over the place but rn i'm obsessed with hello project (i literally never shut up about it. stan dambara ruru) and blue exorcist (yukio n renzou are my faves lol). i also really like precure, power rangers, super sentai, and kpop ggs, i don't really talk about them that much but i still keep up with them. aside from fandoms, i'm also into cd collecting, image editing, and fandom history, and i'm also a huge music nerd.

this is also on my links page, but the best places to contact/talk to me are mastodon and dreamwidth since those are the platforms i'm most active on. if neither of those are an option, send me an e-mail to contact me! anyway, if u wanna know more about me keep reading! ^_^

here's a little momusu gif ^_^

a gif of a scene from the 'kokoro&karada' pv by morning musume