☆yt channels

these are all the yt channels i'm subbed to and watch actively, give them a try if you'd like!

tech channels
dance / odorite channels
anime channels
music / vsynth channels
kpop channels
other channels

computer clan
comedic videos that often include installations, software demos, and much more.

lgr (lazygamereviews)
a guy who reviews vintage hardware and software as well as old games and operating systems, along with a thrifting series among other things.

well edited tech videos that mostly focus on smartphones and related smartphone-like devices, as well as app reviews, android theme setups, and a lot of other stuff.

the science elf
videos about strange and unusual tech topics, but are engaging and fun to watch. mostly focuses on old hardware/software, but also other stuff.

has a very messy/loose dancing style, often dances with other people but also on her own

a pair of female odorites that are known for their clean yet somehow messy dancing style that fits the songs they dance to very well

lisa rhee
kpop dancer, known for putting out dance covers very fast after a new song releases (usually a day or two after). also known for changing outfits a lot in a dance.

HIGHLY underrated odorite that improvises all of her dances with close accuracy to the songs.

very popular odorite known for her elegant outfits and gentle and clean dancing style. my favorite odorite!

a reviewer who mostly tackles the precure series, releases weekly reviews of the current precure series. known for his comedic yet analytical videos and style.

highly skilled amv maker, usually edits magical girl related content but also other stuff.

mmv maker, typically edits for ao no exorcist. has a very simple and clean style, but also fast and engaging.

magical cinnamon
in depth magical girl content reviews, mostly precure and sailor moon but also other non-magical girl shows.

vlogs that focus on fashion, anime (mostly precure), and a lot of other stuff. known for her colorful and happy style, as well as her love for magical girls.

shoujo kitty
mostly vlogs about precure content, with other fun stuff mixed in. really fun to watch!