i don't have much to offer, but here's some download links below to random stuff i've found! it's mostly some rad stuff i've found from looking around the internet while bored. there IS stuff i've made, but not a lot. oh, before you stop reading: please remember the images in the previews aren't all the downloads have to offer! there's usually many more images/etc in the downloads themselves. anyway, enjoy!

out of boredom i was looking around the old website through the wayback machine and discovered the links to the wallpapers of each show are still intact and working! i went ahead andgrabbed the wallpapers for winx club, mew mew power, and magical doremi. of course, these aren't exactly the best for bigger monitors (considering they're all 1024x768), but if anyone wants a funky, 2005-esque magical girl wallpaper for their virtual machine or something, they're here! no credit is needed, i didn't make these after all haha

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shortly before star twinkle precure began airing, i made a few 128x128 icons based on some key visuals that were out at the time. they aren't the best, but they got inevitably drowned on my tumblr with other posts, so i figured i'd just leave a download link here lol. by the way, they're free to use. don't worry about credit!

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I was poking around some old japanese sites and found out about this japanese music player called uLilith, or soundplayer lilith. I downloaded it from some site to give it a try, mostly because the site I was poking around on has really cute winamp-like skins for it. unfortunately I can't seem to get the skins to work, and a lot of the files are in mojibake because I couldn't download this on my japanese locale laptop (it's hard to explain why, lol), but it still works? I'm leaving a mirror download here because the original developer site for the program seems to be down (I checked on multiple browsers and it didn't load, though a website-checking site said it was up so idk) and I might as well mirror the dl here to keep it safe lol. enjoy! also, here's that site I mentioned with the cool skins, theres a lot of them lol

preview | download

i use waterfox as my main browser, so i wanted to link to it on my site! there are no official 88x31 buttons for it though, so i made my own. it's not the best and obviously based on one of those old get internet explorer buttons, but i think it works. there's some problems i have with it, but i'll make another button some other time. feel free to use without crediting, i don't really mind! just don't claim you made it and you're good

i change my wallpaper like every 3 days so here's a small collection of wallpapers i've made over the last few months. some are simple edits with small adjustments, others are made completely from scratch. feel free to download for your personal use, but please don't share/reupload them! also keep in mind most of these were made with a taskbar on the top with small buttons in mind, so it might look odd (especially the wallpapers with the bars).