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ebay coupons make everything better
music: girls (garnidelia)
originally from dreamwidth

i was looking at some random unattainable things on ebay when it said i have a $5 coupon for some reason??? i took advantage of it though because it was going to expire in 10 days and i didn't want to waste it lol.

so i got a garnidelia album! specifically kyouki ranbu, because kyouki ranbu has SO MANY BOPS ON IT. gokuraku jodo? a bop. tougen renka? also a bop. kyouki ranbu? absolute jam. this album is so good, and i got the deluxe edition too with the booklet! it doesn't matter as much to me but i think it's pretty cool, and the photos from this album are really pretty anyway so it's cool to have. it's coming from taiwan which means it's going to take 2-4 weeks to arrive, but for $22 total i think it's worth the wait. i'm so excited!!!

originally i was going to use the coupon to get an evol or matilda album because i'm obsessed with those groups, but they were all too much for me, even with the coupon :( i'll get albums from them another time though, but it depends on if they're still available on ebay by the time i have enough saved up for it.

also i have a henrietta icon i made!! i really love how this icon came out omg, henrietta is Baby and i love her so much. oh and by the way,i've decided to start crossposting my dreamwidth ramblings here on my site blog too! i figured if i post on one it can go on the other too since i use both dw and my site blog in the same way lol.

music: girls (garnidelia)

happy pride month!! i'm still questioning my sexuality but i'm always ready to support my lgbtq+ friends!!! anyway i don't have an update here, all i have to say is i've started using my dreamwidth more! specifically, the way i post on here. so i figured i should crosspost any posts from dw to here and vice versa, since i use them in the same way. the above post is from dreamwidth for example! i'll probably use the two interchangeably, though the site-specific post updates will stay here. thank you for reading!

music: dreams (the cranberries)

yknow i kept telling myself this past month and a half i should update the blog thing but then i'd always reply to myself, "you can do it later, it hasn't been that long anyway,"........then I realized today, while reading other cool neocities users' blogs, that i haven't updated this blog in a while. well, not that long, but like, it's not- ok never mind, too tired to try to do math rn oop.

uhhhh lately i've been listening to more kpop? i have no idea why tbh, kpop's never really been my thing except for blackpink and 2 other songs, but here i am listening to kpop, something i couldn't fathom at least like last year. i mean it's not bad? the music at least, it's really good (at least the songs i'm hearing). the other day a video explaining what happened to the group 2NE1 popped up in my recommended, and i watched it out of bordom......which then led to me listening to some of their songs. i am the best is such a fucking bop, i vaguely remember it from that surface pro commercial years ago, but i also remember winx club having some sort of reference to it? actually i think they were referencing girls' generation but i don't know that group so eh.

anyway kpop really isn't bad, i'm kind of scared i'll suddenly like morph into some frightening koreaboo twitter stan though??? i mean i think for the most part i'll be ok since worshipping idols isn't my thing or whatever, but the fear is THERE and i continue to be scared of it everyday. hmmm what else, i think i'm gonna make a kpop music page separate from the music one i already have made since there's like, a lot of kpop in comparison to the other stuff i listen to so i think it'd be better off with its own page. well, it all depends on if i ever actually finish the current music page, but i'll think about it lol.

oh LASTLY uhh it's kinda obvious but i changed the design of this page. it was mostly impulsive, idk i just saw the old blog and thought it was boring so i threw this together with the background and divider both found online. i'll probably give making my own divider a shot again, but seeing how my usual star divider came out i don't have much hope lol.

wow ok this got long, uhhhh ok tldr i'm listening to kpop more lately and i'm very lowkey scared i'm gonna become a koreaboo, also i redesigned this page because it looked boring before and i'm experimenting with different backgrounds and crap

yeeee it's almost 3am and i've been doing random stuff with the site for the past hour because the only other thing to do is read fanfics i've read before and tune and i'm sick of those. so i finally added the odottemita shrine page whatever like i've been thinking about for some time, but it kiiiinda spiraled and became a whole other section. idk i thought of making an entire odottemita section while half asleep last night and as i fiddled around with it earlier it kinda just became a thing????? i'm tired

anyway, the section isn't done yet since i need to ramble about 217, ATY and a few others, but i'll leave that to later. i figured the utau page should get the same treatment too for clarity (and so the terms of use is better emphasized), so i reorganized the pages there and gave the utaus their own page for each download. i think it's better? my only issue is figuring out what to do with the nav bars on both sections since they're just kinda empty rn without buttons or whatever, but i guess i'll think of something. maybe big pixel characters? whatever, i'll sleep on it lol. i'm probably going to give the recipes page the same section treatment since it's fun, by the way, but i should go sleep now and prepare for my friends to murder me in the morning oop

uhhhhh so this is a thing now kinda? though i probably won't update it often oop

idk i kinda wanted a place to write shit so this is here now (i'm ignoring the fact i have a dreamwidth account). for the site, well i have some ideas of pages to add but i'm really lazy so they'll happen someday i guess? there's an animal crossing page i'm working on, i started it like a week or two ago but i haven't been able toget images of my mayor or residents (my 3ds is hacked and can't go on the internet so i can't export any screenshots i take, the n3ds doesn't have an easily removeable sd card) so i've been putting it off whoops. it'll get done soon hopefully

last night (well it's midnight as i write this so technically 2 days ago now) i tried changing the color scheme of the site to light pink shades because i'm sick of the purple/blue but it looked horrific so i changed it back rather quickly. i'm still sick of the purple/blue but at the same time after seeing the atrocious pinks it automatically looks 10 times better so i'm ok with it for now ig. welp i'm out of stuff to write about so toodles