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fic recs! i have quite a lot, so be prepared to read a lot! if any of these go down by the way, i archive all of the fics i read and download their PDF files, so if you're interested in reading a fic listed that is no longer available, please contact me and i'll send over the PDF. vice versa, if you have a fic listed and don't want the PDF available/want it removed from the list, also please contact me! oh and before you read, i'll warn there ARE some series spoilers in these fics, as well as my mini descriptions of them, so please be careful! thank you, and i hope you enjoy the recs :)

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heads up, most of the fics listed here are yukio-centric, because i am garbage for his garbage character and nothing can change that. if you hate him, it's likely you'll hate this recs too, unfortunately :(

A Name. Just a Name. a really sad but really great yukio character study!!!

Substantial Happenings OW OW OW THIS SERIES H U R T S. the yukio angst IS STRONG here. S T R O N G. my favorite in the fic is Vulnerabilities, Insecurities, and Inadequacies, and for good reason, because the collective okumura angst in that one is so strong it tears at my soul in a good way and makes me F E E L things. pleeeeease read this series!!

Knocking Elbows another fic by HailsRose!! be ready to see a lot by them, i just really love their fics lol. it's a futurefic kinda??? but also set in either anime/mangaverse, so the timeline doesn't matter?????? idk man but it's still a really great fic that adds to my yukio angst obsession

As a Demon Thinketh THIS FIC. THIS FUCKING FIC. OH MY GOD. i read it since DAY ONE, since CHAPTER ONE RELEASED ON FF.NET, AND O H M Y G O D IT WAS A WILD RIDE. it has JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF ANGST, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, PURE PAIN, and PLOT PROGRESSION, it felt so much like something the manga would actually do in an alternate universe. i'll warn though, it was written and completed before plot developments after chapter 100 i'm pretty sure, so a lot of the stuff happening with the illuminati now as well as stuff that happened in the time travel arc wasn't known at the time and wasn't written in obviously. if that doesn't matter to you though, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read this!!! it's one of my favorite fics, as well as one of the best i've ever read.

Maybe I Found Every Line I'd Cross some quality okumura bonding in the form of a yukio sickfic drabble. highly recommend it!

If I Could Change the Past the first of many, MANY fics by reath_froge/Swift-Star9/earthforge, because their fics just get me every time. anyway, this fic takes at a supposed "end" of the series where yukio has all the power he wants, yet completely regrets everything and wants to die quite a lot unfortunately. buUUUUUT, someone refuses to accept this! it's a really good oneshot, please give it a read!

Apostate a used-to-be-but-now-isn't-an-AU fic where yukio does Bad Things in the illuminati, but it's different from canon illuminati yukio because this was written before he joined in canon! it's really interesting how he's written in the illuminati here compared to how it is in canon, so i highly recommend it! it's definitely a ride lmao

After it's like, a renzou fic, but it also has yukio in it, and it's humor but also has JUST enough angst to make it kinda sad towards the end. so basically it's hecking perfect and you should read it

Doze i think it's a sequel to After? i have no clue, but the two are pretty similar and this was posted after After (lol), so it's likely??? it doesn't matter, but it's a kinda-AU now since it has a kinda-sorta-whatever demon yukio thing towards the end, and it's pretty great!! renzou's an idiot and yukio has chaotic tired energy and it's hilarious (but also kinda angsty too but i love that)

Cold lmao, it took 9 fics to get the first not yukio-centric/related fic here. that probably says a lot about me, but i'm gonna ignore it and rec this fic. basically it's rin directly after yukio skedoots to the illuminati and after he learns Important Things from mephisto, and it's bittersweet and sad and makes me feel things. read it!

heartbeat like Apostate it's an illuminati yukio au-but-not-au since it was written WAY before canon illuminati yukio, but it's also a future fic where the illuminati is defeated and yukio LEAVES the illuminati but doesn't join the order but he's not a villain and uh- yeah it's kinda confusing the way i'm putting it, but just click the fic link and see the year and read the description and it'll make sense. anyway, it's sad and kinda character study-ish, but it has rin at the end making up with yukio, and it's just s O good

In Lack'ech a toudou drabble written way back in 2012! it characterizes toudou perfectly, and i don't normally read first person, but the author pulls it off really well. read it, it'll only take a few minutes, but it's worth it!

I promise you walls also a 2012 fic, but set in animeverse i believe? it's vague enough to be read as a futurefic for mangaverse though, or just as a no timeline fic, but however you read it, it's still a really good yukio study.

my brother's keeper another fic by copperiisulfate! this explicitly takes place in animeverse after the series ends, but really if you pretend not to read the anime specific details it can be anything. yukio's trauma from everything that happened animeverse-wise (or mangaverse if you read it the way i do lmao) is written masterfully, and the fic centers on rin's perspective of it and how he supports yukio getting back on his feet. i haven't seen the anime, but it's still a really amazing fic, so please read it.

Man of Snow i'm indifferent on yukio/shiemi, but this fic's yukio angst is just. WOW. OW. IT HURTS BUT I LOVE IT.

Never Enough Time yukio talks to shiro in the middle of the night, and it's sad but written SO well. like, it hurts and has this punch at the end that really hits you in the kokoro. please read it omg, it HURTS

You're Not Alone it's an AU where rin notices yukio's kinda sorta crumbling mentally, and he confronts him on it, which results in yukio having a breakdown :( it's really sad, but the writing is so good, and rin and yukio are so in character it feels like something from the manga. it's so good, give it a read!

These Adamantine Gates taking place shortly after chapter 97, it's illuminati yukio but like, really shortly before we got the illuminati yukio stuff that's happening now, so that stuff doesn't apply to this fic, but everything that happened before that happened in this fic. so it's similar to the other au-but-not-au fics, but also not??? i make things really confusing. anyway, this fic is so good, and maybe a bit underrated?? it only has 3 reviews on which is really unfortunate, and i never see it discussed anywhere. so please read it, it's a masterfully written yukio fic, and really hit me in the kokoro the first time i read it.

i'm a dabihawks fucker (dabi/hawks shipper in other words), so there's a bit of that here, as well as a lot of angst, but that's typical of me lmao

Scorpions and Chains one of my favorite fics of all time! it's an AU where deku ends up in a coma from a villain's quirk, and because of that quirk, class 1-A sees deku's past! man it's sad, but it's written super well.

The thin gray line also one of my favorite fics ever, The thin gray line! it's a vigilante deku AU, but the characters are written SO well. deku isn't exactly in character according to canon, but the way the author writes him is hilarious and so just NOT deku it works.

Conversations with a Cryptid i read it since the first chapter of the first work, and i feel the need to brag about it because this series is iconic and super well known in the fandom, and because of that i just HAVE to rec it here. the writing is fantastic, and the plot is honestly super satisfying once everything starts falling in place. still holding out for another entry in the series!

journey to the past a futurefic time travel AU where deku grows up with 1-A. that sounds really weird, but if you read it, it'll all fall into place. and trust me, when everything falls into place, it's so satisfying and happy yet sad and just. PLEASE READ IT. I ALMOST CRIED.

Second Lap Around The Block dabi gets de-aged! it's fluffy, but also angsty, because it's a dabi todoroki AU, and overall super cute! the ending is also hilarious if you're a dabihawks fucker like me, but even if you aren't it's still pretty enjoyable.

Between the Lines one of my favorite series at the moment, and i always look forward to a new update! dabi and hawks are angsty fucks in this, and the author writes them so well as individual characters and as a ship, i honestly admire it. please read it, you won't be disappointed!

rebirth what happens if eri uses her quirk on dabi? like, ALL of dabi, not just injuries like she used her quirk on deku for? well, this fic explores that concept! it's hella sad, but also really great, and the dabi todoroki angst is Just Right.

three a.m. talks dadzawa and todoroki angst except they're both tired and todoroki is sad. it doesn't sound like much, but trust me, this fic is SO GOOD, when i first read it i didn't want it to end.

sometimes quiet is violent more todoroki angst, with less dadzawa but still really good! it hurts but in a good way, and has a happy and satisfactory ending. i highly recommend it!

a complete list of everything I've ever been afraid of an AU (but super canon compliant) where deku gets drugged on a mission, but tries to hide it. it causes extremely vivid and terriying hallucinations, and deku desperately tries to hide it from his peers. deku's perspective is written super well, with his hallucinations described in horrific detail (in a good way!) that make the reader really feel for him. it slowly growing harder and harder for him to hide the effects of the drug is also written amazingly, showing deku losing control over the situation, and it's just a really great fic in total.

The Little Unicorn an AU where aizawa adopts shinsou (he was a foster kid) and temporarily cares for eri. eri heals, shinsou heals, aizawa helps them. it's a lot of angst, but also really amazing, so please read it! it's been quite a while since the last update, but i'm still hoping for another someday :')

How to Win Back Your (Villain) Ex Boyfriend dabihawks, but dabi is arrested and pissed at hawks for arresting him. it's so fucking funny, i swear i almost died like 6 times while reading it. this writer KNOWS how to write crack and it s h o w s. if you like crack and humor with small bits of angst mixed in, read it!

lol get rekt endeavor more crack fic from Saccha! this one's an AU where dabi is a todoroki and grows up to be a hero, choosing to put his anger towards endeavor into being a snarky and petty hero. it's really fucking funny, and like the last one, has small bits of angst mixed in that really help to make it shine.

komorebi shinsou goes undercover to find the UA traitor, and things get m e s s y. man this fic REALLY makes you feel for shinsou, and every chapter leaves me at the edge of my seat for more. like it HURTS. H U R T S. so please read it, trust me even if you aren't into traitor theory related fics like me it's still really enjoyable.

basically any precure fic that has 2 or more teams in it (or characters from 2 or more different teams), just to keep things sorted right.

Masterpiece a good yuri (as in the character) fic where she is FINALLY able to start moving on from the past regarding her father. setsuna indirectly helping yuri to move on was a brilliant idea, and this fic executed it perfectly.

Of Magical Offworlders and Cellphones this is a really fluffy and hilarious fic where the cures that come from different worlds try to comprehend aspects of earth life. read it if you want to laugh, love different teams interacting, chaotic stupid characters being chaotic stupids, or all of those!

Silent Spring a futurefic when setsuna is still trying to rebuild labyrinth, and she needs support with it. inori and setsuna's friendship here is portrayed really well, and i love how the writer shows that they are now older people with lives and problems that are hard to deal with, and aren't explicitly resolved by the end, but they still are able to support each other better now that they've discussed it. it's deep and feels realistic, different from precure's usual tone but still works. also, the worldbuilding for labyrinth is SUPER AMAZING. all in all, i highly recommend it!

Song for Us i typically don't read huge world changing AUs like this fic does an idol AU, but it's written really cute here! setsuna and love slowly developing as a pairing through it is super satisfying, and overall it's a really good read.

Love's and Setsuna's Resolve: The Birthday Battle for Labyrinth! more setsuna/love! this one is just so cute, it feels exactly like a fresh precure episode except with a ship.
Twinkle Like the Stars some nice kirara/towa in under 2000 words. it's cute, bittersweet, and the characters are written really well. definitely read it!

A Slice of Orange and A Spot of Tea a cute little sickfic where aroma takes care of haruka and yui! it's just really fluffy and fun, so if you want to calm down or just read something relaxing this is perfect.