tsubaki factory

tsubaki factory was formed in 2015 with 6 members (adding 3 more before their debut and making them a 9 member group), and unfortunately are very underrated. this is likely because they were not as talented as kobushi factory (their sister group) was when they debuted, but nonetheless they are still going strong! they're known for having a stable lineup and a very traditional idol image, the latter not typical for h!p. despite their rocky beginnings, they have grown into a powerful group with fun performances, beautiful songs, and fun personalities.

it kinda makes me sad how underrated tsubaki is, considering they're a fun group with consistently high quality music, but despite that i still love them a lot. even though they don't have the same edge as other h!p groups, they're still really cute and always deliver quality with their music, performances, and everything else.


selfie of kishimoto yumeno from tsubaki factory
kishimoto yumeno

favorite song

regular edition c edition of tsubaki factory's single 'date no hi wa nido kurai shower shite dekaketai/junjou cm/kon'ya dake ukaretakatta' regular edition b cover of tsubaki factory's single 'sankaime no date shinwa/fuwari koi dokei'
kon'ya dake ukaretakatta & fuwari, koi dokei

favorite single

limited edition a cover of tsubaki factory's single 'sankaime no date shinwa/fuwari koi dokei'
sankaime no date shinwa/fuwari, koi dokei

favorite album

regular edition cover of tsubaki factory's first album 'first bloom'
first bloom

favorite pv

kon'ya dake ukaretakatta

favorite performance

wagamama ki no mama ai no joke (orig. morning musume)

favorite outfits

tsubaki factory posing together outside at night wearing their outfits for teion yakedo
teion yakedo