☆ukulele tabs

sometimes when i'm really bored i'll try to tab parts of songs i like by ear on my ukulele. my pitch is complete garbage though and i really suck at tabbing riffs especially, so most of these are melodies of questionable accuracy. if you try them out though, feel free to send me some constructive criticism if you want!

lacie's melody
a morning of the slag ravine
zenmaijikake no komoriuta (chorus)
zenmaijikake no komoriuta (riff)

i can confirm this one is preeeeeeeetty inaccurate, though it's still fun to play imo

i'm about 80% sure on the accuracy of this, but still tread carefully. i mostly based it on the melodica version of the melody btw

this one is hella fun to play imo

i have nothing to say but i need to put something here so uh. words

like faust this riff is legit addictive to play, i stg it is